Transfer money, transfer, pay directly by cash at the banking systems or transaction centers of INCANTO

1) Money transfer / transfer:

Applicable to domestic customers wishing to use this payment method. The steps are as follows:

Go to the bank closest to your residence to transfer / transfer money according to the details provided by INCANTO: Amount, Name of unit, account number, Bank opening account ..., Transfer / transfer content .

Notify INCANTO (by phone, email, SMS, fax ...) when you have made a money transfer / transfer. Or, please contact INCANTO's Online Sales Department at hotline: 0916861166 (from 9:00 to 21:00 daily), to announce the transfer. Upon receiving the confirmation report from the Bank, INCANTO will notify you and deliver the goods to you within the time specified in the Shipping Policy section.

INCANTO will not be responsible for errors in the transfer or transfer of wrong information, you must work with the Bank for a stable processing, only when the money is transferred to INCANTO's account, INCANTO will confirm with you. In some situations, you can ask the Bank that you make transactions or the INCANTO Bank to use to check the necessary counterpart.

2) Direct cash payment: 

You come to the transaction counters of the showroom system to make payment, INCANTO's staff will guide you.